From Jan,1st, 2018, Lovego will Donate 100 pieces of Lovego oxygen concentrators. The appliers can be from everywhere but really in poor condition. We will be strict to choose 100 appliers and suggest the suitable model of oxygen concentrator, the home kind with 5L,10L, or portable with 1L, 2L or more.  


All the oxygen concentrator donated will have the same warranty as the sale products, but they are not allowed to sale. We only accept them Second-Donated to make full use of donation.


This Donation is supported by Lovego and Lory Lee under the name of his mother. On May 4th, 2016, Lory’s mother , 54 years old, is diagnosed as Stomach cancer late period. Her cancer has moved to lymph gland, ovary, peritoneuma, lung. They were told no sense to have surgery and if with the expensive chemotherapy, 2 months life is available but must suffer large pain from chemotherapy until her last day. The helpless, full of helpless beat Lory, difficult to make any decision but looking at the pain on his mother...Last they drop the chance of chemotherapy, instead, choosing the Chinese traditional treatment which is less pain and less economics burden on the family.  Five months, they are together, trying to fight with cancer. To give the confidence of Mother, they keep secret on her true illness and everyone with no tears saw by mother until her last days. Mother has strong hope to survival and positive to the treatment. However, unfortunately, Mother passed away on Oct 6th.READ MORE.   


Lory wants to do something under the name of his mother. They drop the chance of  chemotherapy and the money on this chance can help a lot of families who has no money to buy a oxygen concentrator but looking at the pain on their father or mother breathless. The applier can be everyone but for the true patients and really in the poor condition. We will be grated at the appliers who let this donation meaningful.


To keep this donation precise, there are several forms needed to fill, kindly load down all the forms followed and send it to the email again for the efforts from the appliers, all the donation will be completely free, free shipping to the hand of patients.


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